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Rarely seeing the light of day, Aaron is a multi-faceted studio rat who enjoys nothing more than helping people take their creative vision and make it all that it can be.

A native New Yorker, his involvement in music began at a very young age and has lead him to be able to work with everyone from local artists to "major label" clients (The Roots, Lil B, Divine Council, Mark Wood [Trans-Siberian Orchestra], Sammy Adams, Kevin George...) Aaron uses the cliche of being a "musical Swiss Army knife" because honestly it best describes his day-to-day: He helps people get whatever they need, from what's "inside their head" to the final sound. Whether that's taking a song from voice memo to release ready production, putting the final touches on a mix, comping/tuning/editing vocals to perfection, mastering a record, or providing additional production and instrumentation, Aaron can get you there.


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