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Whether it's beat-making, fleshing out a new project, or acting as a producer in the "classic sense" (booking session talent, overseeing budgets, coordinating schedules and studio time, etc.) Aaron can help you get your sonic vision where you want to go at any stage in the process. Additionally custom instrumentals and purchase/lease of library tracks are available upon request.


A great project starts with capturing a great performance. Making sure you get it done right the first time will only make the end result better. Aaron is comfortable engineering your session so you can focus on the best performance you can regardless of it being just overdubs, a full-band, or even a simple writing session. He maintains relationships with several CT/NYC based studios, or can come work at yours!


Bringing it all together so that your vision can shine is perhaps one of the most important steps of any project. Whether it's your next musical release, or post-production for television/film/video, they all benefit directly from the quality of their sound and ultimately effect how people receive it.  Aaron will make sure you sound your best with the best digital and analog tools for the job.


The last step before hitting the listeners' ears is crucial to make sure everyone else can hear things the way you want them to be heard. The human touch of experienced ears is always going to yield a better result than slamming your hard mixed tracks through plug-in presets or some AI/machine-learning algorithm.


On topics from room construction/studio design, gear selection, learning "how do you use this thing...", album/EP planning, songwriting help, mix consultation/critique, or help on almost any step of the creative process... he's got you covered. Just ask!

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